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Hopefully they'll help you figure us out, or just confirm that you were actually correct in grade school: boys are weird. We must admit, it's pretty damned entertaining and we can't believe how bad so-and-so looked in her bikini when she was caught in that weird pose by the paparazzi in the bushes 50 yards away, or wow-Posh Spice actually pumps her own gas!

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The easiest thing to do is to let you friend us first so we know the coast is clear.

But after that, there are more things to obsess over. We Don't Always Like That You Talk to Your Friends About Us (Even if It's Good) We know that part of the boyfriend job description is to supply you with feel good stories and anecdotes to share with your friends: "guess what Rich did for me today," for example.

How do we learn to have a healthy balance of not seeking publication too soon but also not letting fear hold us back from taking the next step? It could be reflected in how much money someone is willing to spend to bring the ink blot marks on a page of paper into flesh and blood reality.

Understanding structure helps us write cleaner and faster. It could be measured by how much the writer moves the intended (and even the unintended) audience emotionally. While business pages focus on social media trends, and blogs and workshops on the Internet abound with how-to information on nearly every social media network, email has been trucking along.

When do we declare we are "in a relationship" with you? And we know that you love to complain about us to your friends: "Rich is so ignorant and insensitive sometimes.