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Digital Nautical Chart® portrays selected significant navigational features in a format suitable for computerized navigation and Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.

Digital Nautical Chart® is produced in the standard Vector Product Format (VPF) allowing for modeling real world features in digital geographic databases.

Updating nautical charts canada

In addition, there is a single Browse library that acts as an index.

Accuracy: Absolute horizontal and vertical accuracy are expressed at a circular/linear errors at 90% probability.

I would eventually like to purchase if it works- but I will not be willing to risk paying for $20 bucks and it doesn’t work. Will be trying the app out on the boat this weekend.

Update: I contacted support on a weekend and they responded back within hours and gave me instruction on how to download the map. So far, as I am reviewing it, it looks detailed and very useful.

Information regarding the source data used for each chart comprising the Digital Nautical Chart® can be found in the Data Quality coverage of each library.