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Usually I would update the value of the name column like this : update table set name='new_name' where name='old_name'; My question is, how can I set the value of old_name with objectdatasource ? Values["Name"] ; off course u need to put the Name column in the datakeys property of the grid... first because for performance reasons your table must have one integer column as primary key; and first because the primary key must be unique..can't garantee this using the name of the person... Parameters[1] = "old_name"; hi...sorry...i think i'm not being much clear if you're using a gridview ( what i think you're doing - if not please tell me ) when u set the gridview to allow updates, automatically configure itself to send the old value with the "old_" prefix..u can confirm taking a look in the aspx source code..this the send automatically the old value as a parameter to the sqldatasource. Anyway, in the warehouse designer, make all the conditional fields (fields in the where class) as the primary key and reset the remaining stuffs to the "not a key".. -KK just go to the update overide SQL in the target and first just generate the default SQL, make sure all the colums that you need are coming up in that default SQL.

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Our consultant is out on vacation till next week (go figure)=2E Thank you! UPDATE ACCOUNT_DLY_SUMM SET ACCOUNT_TYPE_KEY = EETL_LOAD_ID thanks Bobby" id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl01_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="693136" / Thanks for the suggestion, but that would result in the original ETL_LOAD_ID being overwritten, which is not an option.

I suppose we could create a temp field on the table to hold the new value, then update on the back end, but that's a long process to update one field.

The Grid View's Data Key Names field is also set to "num". Now, I would like to let the users change the primary key field.

I would take care of existing and conflicting keys in the On Row Updating event handler.

If this cannot be done via Informatica, then I'd just assume writing a P/L SQL script to perform the update.