Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

validating a dance specific screening test for balance-27

Participant feedback helped refine the medical team available to the dancers and influenced the treatment and referral pathways via which dancers are able to access each member of the medical team.

Furthermore, reflective discussions with artistic and management staff brought to light potential interactions between repertoire programming, fitness, and injury patterns.

Although no prospective injury incidence data for musicians exist, retrospective data indicate that 56% of musicians will sustain a music-related injury throughout their careers (Zaza, 1998; James, 2000; Spahn et al., 2004).

This research also indicates that the types of mental and physical health problems that performing artists experience are varied and complex.

Similarly, it has been suggested that stress hardiness can moderate musicians’ susceptibility to injury and performance anxiety (Salmon et al., 1995).