Validating knowledge management claims testimonials

On the positive side, this makes his work rather easy to summarize.On the negative side, of course, one does become bored and irritated coming across the same statements over and over again.

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Here Mc Elroy gives a rather interesting model of the possible levels of intervention.

His ideal, an open knowledge system where all employees participate freely in the creation of knowledge and the validating of 'knowledge claims', he sees as the solution to greed, mismanagement, and general insustainability. The book ends with two chapters on 'the economics of knowledge management' which I find hard to understand how to apply to practice.

It involves the presentation and group validation of so-called 'knowledge claims'.

The model should be seen as a 'framework for practical action', guiding the practitioner in what knowledge processing activities in the organization consist of.

Lets you manage, analyze and approve the dead-on-arrival claims of a product.

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