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With Toy Story 3 marking his last job in Hollywood, fans have kept a close eye out for von Detten to make an appearance in Tinsel Town over the last seven years.

In fact, there’s very little to find about von Detten online with Hello Giggles.com—which is, coincidentally, founded by actress Zooey Deschanel—reporting, “Now we’ve gotta admit that information about him is actually very scarce.

The major plot twist helped put von Detten on the map as a young star in Hollywood as one reporter later wrote, “[von Detten’s character] pushed the woman, she fell, hit her head and died, which threw the show into a whole new storyline that von Detten remained an integral part of until his departure in 1993.

While other cast members died, came back to life, broke up, and made up several times over, von Detten moved beyond the boundaries of the small town soap while the days of everyone else’s lives trickled like sands through the hourglass.” After a brief stint on daytime television, von Detten returned to the silver screen as the voice of the evil toy destroyer Sid Phillips in Disney’s 1995 blockbuster Toy Story.

The same year, he appeared in a string of television films including Escape to Witch Mountain, A Season of Hope and Kidnapped: In the Line of Duty in addition to making an appearance on ER in the “Hell and High Water” episode.