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Idea 1 is already in the game, in a building I always call nakatomi tower (you probably can guess which one I mean).The other two ideas are excellent and I want to quote them so that they get burned into the memory of everyone reading this thread.

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On y voyait douze célibataires désireux de se marier.

Des experts matrimoniaux les regroupaient en six couples, puis les mariaient dès leur premier rendez-vous.

I'm pretty sure beta phase will be the most boring phase of the game development and probably most players that post here will have lost interest by the time it releases, better hit boxes or not.

I'm pretty sure I will be fed up with A16 in a few weeks or months, but the new features of A17 will bring me back into the game.

Le belge (un format distribué par Banijay), il croise les deux tendances à la mode: le dating et le bricolage.