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"Jdepp2000 asserted that his friendship and untold riches awaited brenda_j_2011 if she would only have sex with gpierson06."Brenda_j_2011 finally visited Pierson at his home in Oskaloosa, Iowa – armed with a search warrant, natch. Kent Smock of the Black Hawk County, Iowa Sheriff's Office.

Smock was an adult cop pretending to be an underage student;kind of like Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street. Williams is African American and that adds to my discomfort." He gave the man two years instead.

A 46-year-old man who posed online as Johnny Depp and three other people in the hope of seducing a 14-year-old girl will live out the next quarter-century under a new, fifth identity: federal inmate number 09073-030. After Brenda informed him she was 14 years old, Pierson told her he was looking for a girlfriend.

Using the persona Modelman_Matthew2006, a handsome 19-year-old male, Graeme Pierson contacted one Brenda_j_2011 in a Yahoo chat room last year, according to a decision in the 8th U. Once Pierson was convinced that Brenda was willing to have a sexual relationship with an adult, he introduced a second identity closer to his own age: Gpierson06, Modelman's adopted 36-year-old brother.

Analysis has also suggested that women are being blackmailed into continuing to work for a gang or face having compromising pictures sent to their families.“The level of entrapment and control is increasing directly as a result and as an abuse of the internet,” said Mr Wainwright in a speech for the Centre for Social Justice in London.