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A wood deck or platform may be something you already have experience building (or your friend does…).

If you plan to transport your yurt to different locations then a deck is not justified. In any case you need to ensure that water does not come inside the yurt.

There are additional advantages to yurts: Aerodynamic shape Much like a geodesic dome, a yurt has a shape condusive to letting wind flow easily around the structure.

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It’s an effortless way to add entire levels of flavor to your palette. And if you need more tips in the bedroom, be sure to brush up on the 25 ways to turn yourself into a sex god .

Missionary Upgrades Gorillas and other primates have occasionally been observed having sex face-to-face, but missionary is a go-to for just two other land-based mammals: Our closer great ape relative the bonobo and us. Many women’s orgasms are dependent on stimulation of the clitoris’ pea-sized head, which is physiologically analogous to the head of your penis.

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Think of it this way: If you typically have an omelet with peppers for breakfast, now you’ll be having an omelet with peppers—and onions, and tomatoes, and cheese, and ham.

You can find both fabrics in different weights such as the standard 12oz or 15oz. Ideally you should look for a canvas which is water resistant or waterproof, rot resistant and last but not least, fire retardant.