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“That’s always tricky, because you know you’re being judged on the lyrics and they’re all very personal.” That willingness to explore what’s meaningful to him and express it in a universal way is what has made Gavin a compelling artist, one who connects with listeners not only through his recordings, but also through his live appearances.

Gavin has toured the globe, performing sold-out headlining shows as well as festivals with a variety of artists.

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“Not only do I love a challenge, but I also wanted something new to sing,” Gavin explains.

“I’ve listened to my favorite songs 5,000 times, and I love them, but sometimes it’s hard to go home and put on that album and listen to it for the five thousand and first time.

It satisfied a lot of things for me that I wanted to have satisfied musically.” SWEETER’s racier moments are balanced out by more emotionally transparent moments, like “Run Every Time,” which addresses a reluctance to commit to a relationship, as well as romantic, uplifting songs like “Soldier” and “You Know Where I’m At,” which convey a vulnerability while still managing to feel distinctly masculine.

“The question for me became, ‘How do you expose your vulnerability without seeming like somebody who gets kicked around, and, at the same time, describe your ability to get past something without sounding cocky,” Gavin says.

“Co-writing with other people changed everything for me,” Gavin says.