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Early dore, David li Chen cold, weng sprig, Yin stand Xi and JJ spread too much little scandal.

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He recently took part in the voice of the dream, and in the heart of the goddess Hebe Tian Fu zhen with box ~ this pair of origin dates back to JJ just way.

Want to know, when the JJ was a lad, would dare to speak out when out like Hebe, dazed and confused expression of his own love.

During the segment where he was supposed to sit on the elevated swing to go around the arena, JJ again invited Hebe to go on the "ride" with him and serenaded her with the sweet ballad “Little Dimple”.

Although JJ was fined NT$50,000 (approximately S$2,115) for the concert on Saturday which overran by five minutes due to his long speech, sales of the concert merchandise from his own fashion label raked in nearly NT$3 million (S$127,000) for the singer.

While Hebe has had several dating rumours with famous singers like JJ Lin and Jay Chou, she was also speculated to be in a relationship with several androgynous female friends like Ah Peng, A-Mei’s manager Zhong Ruo-han and her personal assistant Liao Hui Cheng.