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I tried so many times getting clean, and shit just kept getting exponentially worse.

It just kept escalating and escalating, to where it almost like capped out, and there was no way out. I want to make something.’” Even guitarist and band mate Andrew Bailey, who has himself been sober three years, couldn’t help.

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Ferreira lost several modelling contracts as a result of the arrest.

Given that Ferreira self-financed the release of with the money from her lucrative contracts – which have included campaigns with Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein's ck One and Benetton – you might expect her to hold that against Smith.

Because if you see someone you love shooting heroin in the bathroom, finding them blue on the bathroom floor, it’s gonna affect your ability to trust that person.

And it’s gonna hurt you, because you think, ‘Why can’t I help you? ’ It creates this deep-rooted trust and insecurity issue that ultimately you can’t repair. Sky’s young, but she’s been through so much and I feel horrible that I’m just like another person that hurt her.

“When I do something, I want to do it to the absolute peak,” Smith said on a phone call. Nostalgia taps this specific part of your brain that’s very euphoric.” This dive into nostalgia includes writing music.