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America has shown how to make very large reductions – by switching from coal to gas.

While gas is still a fossil fuel, it emits only about half as much greenhouse gas as coal.

“His cell door opened and he jumped straight onto the railings. During his two years behind bars, he found himself cleaning up after an inmate had “slashed” themselves in their cell, running to the aid of another who had thrown themselves off a balcony and watching countless prisoners suffer mental breakdowns.

The prison officer tried to grab him, but he fell head-first. The 33-year-old served time in two Manchester prisons – HMP Strangeways and Forest Bank – for charges of witness intimidation, an assault on police and threats to kill.

“Other prisoners had got wind that he was a sex offender. Self-harm in prisons reached a new record high of 40,414 incidents in the year to March, up by more than 5,700, while 113 prisoners took their own lives in the 12 months to March 2017 – one every three days.