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Last year, Parker called Penn a "giant douchebag with legs running around Haiti." In their 2004 movie, Team America: World Police, they created a nasal-voiced Sean Penn puppet with an absurd adoration of preinvasion Iraq, which featured "rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced ...with gumdrop smiles."Around that time, Penn wrote an open letter deriding Stone and Parker's cynicism, with the sign-off "All best, and a sincere fuck you."Now Penn's a fanboy.And reporters, too: Insult them and they're crazy for you.

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Which is, of course, their secret: Say something offensive but deliver it in the least offensive way possible. Or in South Park terms, an anal probe disguised as a harmless poke.

Consider any episode of South Park in the past fifteen years.

"And Barbra Streisand came last night," Stone added.

"The cast told me she was there, and I was like, 'No fucking way.'" You should know that South Park has repeatedly portrayed Streisand as a giant screechy-voiced robot that emits poisonous green gas from its vagina.

(Comedy Central, which airs South Park, is part of MTV Networks.) The room had a pool table, a platter of honeydew melon, and no discernible personality.