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"It was the quarter-final against Basle and we were 3-0 down after the first leg and needed four goals in the second match to win.

I sat there, said to the creator, "give me a sign" and meditated - which is tricky at a football match, because every instinct is to abuse the ref and the opposition and, instead you have to shower them with unconditional love.

He claims to be under enormous pressure from his 'higher self' to spread the word.

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"I've completely changed shape, but I've not been on a diet - it's purely down to spiritual activation." He's not even concerned about being likened to David Icke, the former Coventry City goalkeeper and sports broadcaster who, in 1991, announced on the Terry Wogan chat show that he was 'the son of God' and believed the world was ruled by secret 12ft shape-shifting reptiles called 'Illuminati'.

David Shayler is somewhat sceptical of the other David.

"Although I've made it quite clear to my parents I'm not mad, they've been quite critical.

But my brothers have been quite good and have listened.

He was released after just seven weeks, but his life was in tatters. It'd taken enormous courage to go on the record and I'd risked everything for the truth - my family, my girlfriend, my life - and ended up with no job, no future, no money.