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The relationship I am in now frustrates me in some of the same ways. Either you are willing to do things on his terms or you tell him when you CAN go out and that if he cannot commit, you will make other plans.

I don’t sit around waiting for someone else to decide to call me.

So it also let’s me know that if this one doesn’t work out, another will come along and I’ve learned another lesson.

While he makes a modicum of effort to appear to address your needs, he really pulls the strings.” “Yes, he wants me on his terms. One of you will feel put upon and disrespected.” The key is to be cognizant of how much compromising each of you is making to keep it somewhat in balance.

But I think we all want our relationship on our own terms. However, I’ve noticed it’s much easier to note what compromises you’ve made, as you’re less aware of the ones he’s made.

To be in a relationship at all requires compromise.

I also tell my daughter (age 26) never to get in a position where you are being manipulated.

He’s being controlling and selfish, his way or no way, really. Dating Goddess “He Wants You On His Terms”…I was with someone who fits the description of your entry on this subject….

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