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Children stood on stage and rose against the forms of violence they experience in their homes.Some went further and also denounced violence against the environment.A remix of “Break The Chain” with French translation of the lyrics served as an anthem of OBR Cameroon associated with choreography that was created and presented by dozens of students of the University of Doula and Yaounde.

They had already been working with doctors and trained reproductive health workers.

The group has enormous reach online – over 300,000.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO A huge part of the Congo Rising was the vast participation of children and their issues as a major focus.

Led by the children themselves, the youth Risings were firmly focused on solidarity and revolution.

2017 Youth Rising actions included: – Rising to end rape and sexual assault on campuses – Rising to end objectification and stereotyping of women and girls – Rising to end domestic violence and parental neglect and abuse – Rising for the right to education – Rising to end commercialization of education – Rising to end slut shaming, bullying and sexism – Rising to end misogyny – Rising to end sexual harassment in public and at schools – Rising to end sex trafficking – Rising to end forced prostitution for education – Rising for women’s reproductive healthcare and rights – Rising for LGBTQ rights – Rising to end poverty that enables exploitation of girls – Rising for the conservation and protection of the environment and the insurance of their future – Rising for jobs for new graduates – Rising for the defense and recognition of human rights – Rising for refugees We saw youth defiantly demanding an end to all forms of physical and sexual violence, and fearlessly claiming their right to have young women’s voices heard.